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Don’t let mind be pricked or impassable for exporting and/or importing precious International parcels at cheap courier charges to all countries worldwide with minimal headache, time & unbeatable guarantee. We hereunder explain total logistics solutions to one’s courier needs, as we have experience to tackle problems faced by our valued patrons. We endeavor at dynamicparcel.com to improve our services for upward mobility with constant feedbacks & by teaming up with our valued patrons by unceasing interactions; which have made us pioneer in International & domestic courier unplugged domains.


Pigeon & land international courier days have bygone! Primitive ways of couriering are still used by small entrepreneurs as well International Courier Companies for their monetary advantage by franchising in cities & remote areas with hands in glove for their own selfish benefits by targeting locals with hefty courier charges who have no access to internet. In this mode of courier there is no way of knowing status & reaching of a parcel, till recipient acknowledges! Anxieties usually props up when bought of ignorance & are taxing when one ignores to keep pace with changing jet era of couriering in combination of ever changing cloud technologies available on internet.




  • There are bans on dangerous & inflammable materials, armaments, objectionable literatures or materials of varying natures depending on countries of origin & destination. Customs duties, free allowances are also to be studied before international parcel is sent or imported as custom & allied duties when levied on parcel sent by courier services are borne by recipient of parcel in destination country & are often unpredictable in same country depending on mood of custom officers on duty. Our international logistic associates DHL, UPS, DTDC, FEDEX, ARAMEX & TNT; who partner dynamicparcel.com for its premium door to door cheap courier charges to & from all countries worldwide have their own respective restrictions on perishable, non-perishable goods etc. However there are no constraints on number of parcels sent or imported normally. Dynamicparcel.com website lists prohibited items & full custom structures of countries worldwide as basic guidelines!



  1. All articles are to be packed depending upon their size, shape, material & weight. Adequate packaging materials are to be inserted to avoid loose or knocking noise between articles packed. More than one box may be used for more articles. Articles with awkward shapes can be wrapped with suitable materials & tied tightly.  Make complete list of articles packed precisely & its value in local currency. In event of old & used articles & articles of unknown values may be declared as NCV (i.e. of No Commercial Values).
  2. Weigh final parcel in kg precisely on weighing scale & take dimensions of parcel in cm. like Length, breadth & Height & calculate its volumetric weight by formula:        Volumetric weight in kg = L (cm) x B (cm) x H (cm)/ 5000. Greater value of actual weight & volumetric weight would be considered for computation of courier charge to destination country, as airliners accept parcel on size or weight to arrange it in aircraft.
  3. Parcels are always accompanied by documents for security, declared valuations in local currency of originating country & details of goods, custom declarations for originating & destination countries.
  4. Dynamicparcel.com has experience & expertise in packaging your articles professionally to bring down courier charges & customs duties on parcels. We assist our patron with documents & custom clearance in originating as well destination countries. One can hire our packing services by calling on Hotline +91-8956-110-110 or emailing requests on info@dynamicparcel.com 


Usually Courier Company handling parcels prepares in advance all custom formalities documents & clearing parcels in either country. In event of any custom and/or allied duties are levied same have to be borne by the recipient of goods. Any refusal of payment of duties levied on parcel may result into re-export of parcel or it may be destroyed after specific time allotted to pay duties & these procedures vary from country to country.