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Customs Advice for International Courier Service From Mumbai India

Customs Duty:

Customs Duty is subject about which one should have imprecise knowledge before shipping their Parcels through any Courier Company.

The prices which are Quoted on are purely freight charges and DO NOT INCLUDE ANY CUSTOM CHARGES. If any Customs Charges or Duty imposed in the destination Country then the receiver is liable to pay the Customs Taxes and Duties.

No Courier Company can Guarantee or assume the amount of the Custom Duty that can be imposed on a particular shipment.

Customs duty varies between 20% to 30% of the invoice value of the invoice which will be collected by the Sender at the time of collection.

There are website like which can give you approximate Custom Duty Charges at different destinations.

Customs Duty advice is also mentioned on every country page of our website. Please go through the custom advice section on the page.

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